Entities in Brazil:
MS - Ministry of Health 
RNIS - National net of Information in Health
SEADE - Foundation State System of Data analysis
ANVISA - National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance
AMB - Brazilian Medical Association
CN- DST/AIDS - National Coordination of DST/AIDS
CNPQ - National Council of Development and Technological
CNS - National Conference of On-line Health
CNS - National Council of Health
DATASUS - Department of Computer Science of the Unique System of Health
EPM - School From São Paulo of Medicine 
FIOCRUZ - Foundation Oswaldo Cruz
FMB - University of Medicine of Botucatu - UNESP (Univ. State from São Paulo) 
FNS - National Foundation of the Health
HC-FMUSP - Hospital of Clinics of F. of Medicine of U. of São Paulo
UNICAMP - Unicamp - Campinas - SP
IAL - Institute Adolfo Lutz 
IBGE - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
IEC - Institute Evandro Chargas
INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property
IPEA - Institute of Applied Economical Research
Health in the World:
AIF Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco
EBSA European Biosafety Association
EGMA European Generic medicines Association 
Eudranet (European Drug Regulatory Authorities Network)
European Union Council Directives and Regulations
FDA (Main) - Food and Drugs Administration
FDA CBER (biologics)
FDA CDER (drugs)
FDA CDRH - CFR 21 (Food and Drugs)
FDA CDRH (Devices)
HPFB - Health Canada Health Products and Food Branch
HEALTH CANADA - Healt Canada
INFARMED - National Institute of the Drugstore and of the Medicine
IFPMA - International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
ICH - International Conference on Harmonization
NIH - National Institutes of Health
OHRP - Office for Human Research Protection (formerly OPRR)
DHSS - Department of Health and Human Services
EMEA - European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal products  
OMS - World Organization of the Health  
OPAS - Pan American Health Organization's  
EDURG - European Drug Utilization Research Group
CDPHMDC - Department of Public Health MedicineDC
CDC - Centers for Diasease Control
BMBL - Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
Pharmaceutical Sector in the World:
Germany  - VFA- German Association of the Pharmacology of Research 
Australia - Medicines - Researches and Innovation for a Better Health
BElgium  - Pharma-be - Belgian Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry
CAnada - R&D- Pharmaceutical Companies of Research of Canada
Colombia - AFIDRO- Association of the Pharmaceutical Laboratories of Research
Denmark - LIF- Association Danish of the Pharmaceutical Industry
EFPIA - European Federation of the Industries and Pharmaceutical Associations
EPO - European office of Patents 
EUA - PhRMA- American Association of Production and Pharmaceutical Research
FIFARMA -  Latin-American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Finland - PIF- Pharmaceutical Industry of Finland 
France - LEEM- Companies of Medicines
GReece - SFEE- Association of the Pharmaceutical Companies
Holland - Nefarma- Pharmaceutical Association of Holland
Hong Kong - HKAPI- Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Hong Kong
Hungary - MAGYOSZ- Hungarian Association of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 
Pharmaceutical Sector in Brazil:
ABAFARMA - Brazilian Association of the Pharmaceutical Wholesale
ABCFARMA - Brazilian Association of the Pharmaceutical Trade
ABIFINA - Brazilian Association of the Chemical Industries and Biotechnology
ABIMIP - Brazilian Association of the Industry of Responsible Self-medication 
ABIQUIF - Brazilian Association of the Industry Chemical Drugstore 
ABIQUIM - Brazilian Association of the Chemical Industry
ABRAFARMA - Brazilian Association of Nets of the Drugstores
ALANAC - Association of the National Pharmaceutical Laboratories
ASCOFERJ - Association of the Pharmaceutical Trade of the State of Rio de Janeiro
FEBRAFARMA - Brazilian Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry
GRUPEMEF - Group of Executive Professionals of the Pharmaceutical Market
IMS -  Institute of Medicine and Health
PRÓ GENÉRICOS - Association Brazilian of the Industries of Generic Medicines
SINDUSFARMA - Union of Pharmaceutical Industries of the State of São Paulo
SINFAR - Union of the Industries of Pharmaceutical Products of Rio de Janeiro
SBMF - Brazilian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine

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